Best in Show from the 2019 Chicago Baby Show

The 2019 Chicago Baby Show took place on August 24-25, 2019 at Navy Pier in Chicago, introducing thousands of new and expectant parents to a variety of products and services in the baby and maternity realms. This year’s Best In Show Awards named five winners, representing a variety of calories in the market. Collectively, the winners are notable for their innovation, design, functionality, variety, and overall excellence, the kinds of products with the potential to be trendsetters in their categories.

The Best In Show Awards for the 2019 Chicago Baby Show were selected by a prestigious panel of judges with representatives from media, retail, and local parenting enrichment programs. The judges were: Abbie Boudreau of ABC News, Julie Burt Nichols of Twiniversity, Hillary Scharmann of Heart Birth & Baby, Sherri Schubert of MomTrends, Katiy Tallarico of Prenatal Fit, and Mia Weber of Chicago Baby and Family Media.

Best in Show Winners

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced

mom holding baby and using a kitchen appliance

Baby Brezza’s Formula Pro Advanced ensures that mom or dad gets the bottle right, each and every time, and with no mess or guesswork. “This is incredible,” one judge says. “It’s sort of like a ‘Keurig’ machine for baby formula,” one judge says. “It’s so easy to use when making a bottle, and it also doesn’t take up too much space on the counter top.”

Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle, by Fridababy

peri bottle and box

From Fridababy’s newly launched Frida Mom line of products for post-natal mamas, the Upside Down Peri Bottle is a must for any mother-to-be’s hospital bag. “This product has a great design making it a lot easier to use [than many peri bottles],” one judge says. “It’s practical and affordable, and I love Frida’s new line of postpartum-centered products.”

Sockabu Baby Gripper Socks

baby wearing cute socks

Created by a real mama, Sockabu’s Baby Gripper Socks are a game-changing and pediatrician-approved toe-flip play sock. They’re perfect for when baby is learning to walk and needs extra traction, as well as for toddlers and little kids as well. “I don’t know about your kids, but mine groan when I make them wear socks — they prefer bare feet. Enter Sockabu,” on judge says. “Little ones can cover their toes for warmth and comfort or uncover them to cool off and for the very best grip during playtime.”

Wonderfold W4 Wagon

stroller wagon in gray

Perfect for any active family, the rugged W4 Wagon from Wonderfold is great for pushing little ones from point A to point B, but it also can carry all your gear, and fold up compactly when you get home. “This wagon is a great investment that benefits whole family,” one judge says. “I love how it folds up, too.”

The Wunders Company Baby Aroma Diffuser

baby in crib

Just launched at this year’s Chicago Baby Show, the Wunders Company’s Baby Aroma Diffuser is a truly unique product–it’s the only aroma diffuser out there designed especially to help calm babies to help them sleep better. “If you’re a fan of essential oils you’ll want to pay attention to this product,” one judge says. “This diffuser connects to the bars of baby’s crib with a clamp or hangs over it on a mobile arm, diffusing essential oils to ‘naturally soothe and decongest babies.'”