Chicago Baby Show 2019: Prince Lionheart

Prince Lionheart is your go-to brand for great baby gift ideas and nursery and playroom essentials–their products are thoughtfully designed, super-fun, and of the highest quality.

Chicago Baby Show 2019: GranolaMoms

With their signature Mommy2Me beverage, GranolaMoms offers breastfeeding mothers a healthy and nutritious (and oh-so-easy) way to reduce colic in their babies through their milk.

Chicago Baby Show 2019: Love to Dream

Love to Dream™ is all about helping babies sleep safely and comfortably (which means that mom and dad can sleep soundly as well)!

Chicago Baby Show 2019: Dékor Diaper Pails

A high-quality diaper pail is a must for any nursery–so why not make it a stylish one? Dékor Diaper Pails offers new parents a fabulous selection of pails in a variety of colors and sizes!

Chicago Baby Show 2019: Nomi

Not only does the Nomi high chair feature an innovative design that can fit in with any décor scheme, but it’s also designed to grow with baby.

Chicago Baby Show 2019: Lascal

With a brand new baby carrier launch this year, renowned baby gear brand Lascal is ready to help new parents take thing to the next level of comfort, safety, and reliability.

Chicago Baby Show 2019: Evercord by Natera

Evercord by Natera is dedicated to families planning their future by adhering to the highest quality standards in newborn stem cell banking

Chicago Baby Show 2019: The Wunders Company

With the goal of peaceful sleep for all, the Wunders Company is launching an aroma diffuser specially designed to provide relief to colicky babies.

Longitudinal Effects of Learning to Read Early

When children are taught to read in the first four years of life, they have long-term advantages compared to children who are taught at more traditional ages

Chicago Baby Show 2019: WonderFold Wagon

Thanks to their spacious stroller wagons, WonderFold Wagon is your key to outdoor family fun with your little ones (plus all of their gear) this summer!

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