Shop With Ease Using Buggy Baggy

Shop With Ease Using Buggy Baggy

Buggy Baggy solves an age-old inconvenience by changing your baby stroller into a shopping cart. This clever innovation allows you to shop with your little one in tow without juggling two push-propelled vehicles.

Buggy Baggy will be at the 2017 Chicago Baby Show, on August 26 and 27, at Navy Pier, when the nation’s largest show for expectant and new families comes to Chicagoland. A family-friendly mega-event featuring everything to do with maternity, baby, and toddler – from top products to trusted parenting experts – the Chicago Baby Show will welcome thousands of expectant and new parents from Chicago, the surrounding suburbs, and beyond!

Tickets to the Chicago Baby Show are $30 per family, and $20 per individual.


To learn more about Buggy Baggy, we spoke with Bridget Betts, the company’s founder.

For someone unfamiliar with Buggy Baggy, how would you describe the company’s mission and core offerings?

The Buggy Baggy was created for hassle-free shopping trips and more. Buggy Baggy turns a stroller into a shopping cart in no time. No more one-handed stroller pushing, baby carriers on top of grocery carts, or juggling baby and groceries at the same time!

Our mission is to provide an innovative product that allows parents to remain active and empowered when they have children. It’s difficult maneuvering kids and all of their stuff. Buggy Baggy can help.

Tell us about the company’s background. When did it start and how has it evolved since then?

Founded by Bridget Betts, a wife and proud mama of three…two are only 15 months apart and keep me pretty busy! Based in Annapolis, MD, I am a Johns Hopkins MBA grad, avid football fan (Go Ravens), love good books, travel and fun weekends with my husband and kids.

As a busy mom, I am always on the hunt for all the baby products that make life easy. Yet, I never found the “perfect” shopping companion that would make my quick runs to the store seamless.

 What are the most popular and/or the newest products from Buggy Baggy?

The entire collection is fresh and new. We are debuting two of our signature bags at the Baby Show and giving a sneak peak of our fall/winter line.

What sets Buggy Baggy apart from similar products in the marketplace?

Buggy Baggy is in a category of its own. It’s not an organizer or a baby bag, it’s meant to serve multiple purposes. It’s an innovative lifestyle brand that makes traveling with baby a breeze. Its versatility sets it apart as well. It allows you to keep both hands on the stroller. It’s a carrier for your purchases, a reusable shopping bag and it even free stands in your car for easy transport.  Also, it can be used in many different ways: from light grocery shopping to holding swim gear, snacks and toys at restaurants, special events, parks and more.

Safety: Keeps baby in its comfortable stroller environment and prevents parents having to put the carseat on top of shopping carts for quick runs.

Security: Parents often leave products in the undercarriage when they use that for storage. Alarm bells will ring when you forget that one item underneath.

Convenience: It’s easy to use and transport so it’s in the car whenever you need it. No need for extra bags, just put your items in the Buggy Baggy and GO. Keeps you hands-free to tend to baby and no bending to put items underneath the stroller.

What can parents expect from Buggy Baggy at the Chicago Baby Show?

Fun! Buggy Baggy will showcase our product line, offer some giveaways, product demonstrations and special offers on on-site purchases. Come by and see The Buggy Baggy. As a mom of three, I can show you how to travel easy with the kids.
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