Chicago Baby Show 2019: Nomi

Nomi is a brand-new high chair model that is sure to be a mealtime game-changer. Not only does this chair feature an innovative design that can fit in with any décor scheme, but it’s also designed to grow with baby.

Nomi will be at the 2019 Chicago Baby Show on August 24-25 at Navy Pier.

Tickets to the Chicago Baby Show are $30 per family; $20 per individual. Children are free! Buy your tickets to the Show HERE!

We spoke with Elisabeth Bergoo, Public Relations Manager for Nomi’s exclusive distributor Regal Lager, about what to expect from this top-tier brand at this year’s Baby Show!

What should expectant and new parents know about your brand?

Nomi is the next generation high chair that seamlessly adjusts without tools, and evolves with children’s changing needs from birth all the way through the teenage years! Nomi easily transforms from an infant raised bouncer—to a high chair—to a chair, so your child is positioned in the most comfortable and ergoNOMIc position from newborn all the way to adulthood, holding up to 330 lbs. The name NOMI is coming, very appropriately, from the word ergoNOMIc. And it really is!

Unlike traditional high chairs that cannot be used until your baby can sit up on their own, Nomi allows you to bring your newborn up to the table with the addition of the Nomi Baby raised bouncer attachment.  The Nomi High Chair is easy to clean, which is one of the top requirements for parents when looking for a high chair! Its sleek design doesn’t trap food. Nomi is lightweight which makes cleaning a breeze—you can even hang it on the table edge to clean underneath. When sitting in either a booster seat or an adult chair with dangling feet, without proper footrest, children get fidgety and uncomfortable, making it hard for them to focus on their meal. The Nomi Chair brings your child up to the table and the floor up to their feet, so they are always comfortable, like you are in a regular adult-sized chair. Available in over 35 combinations to fit any décor–four wooden stem options and a rainbow of beautiful chair color variations.

What’s new in (in the past year) with your brand? 

Nomi is now readily available on the North American market! It was long awaited and has been extremely well received by consumers, retailers and others. Nomi launches happened in January in Canada, and in mid-May in the US. The Nomi Concept launched at the Vanderbilt venue at the fabulous Grand Central Terminal in NYC with consumers as well as media and retailers as our guests. The Nomi High Chair is the flagship of the Nomi line. In addition there are accessories as the Nomi Baby, that is lightweight and can be carried around the home, so that baby is always at eye level and supervised. (Do not carry around with baby inside). 

The designer’s philosophy is to have children all the way up to the table and interact with the rest of the family. Cushions are available, and for those feeling that a tray may be useful for some occasions in the day, there is also a Tray available.

Also available is the Nomi Chair for those parents having children over 2, that do not any longer need the restraint and harness that is part of the Nomi High Chair.

What is your most popular product or service right now?

The Nomi High Chair. So far the favorite combination is the White Oak with White chair parts. But pretty much all the color combinations are getting positive attention. The Nomi High Chair is not a temporary product that is put away after the “high chair” ages. The way it t stays with the child, offering perfect ergonomics for home work and any other activities makes it sustainable and environmentally friendly. The wood used in the stem complies with the International Forest Stewardship Council’s standards for sustainable forestry. All plastic parts are made of recyclable plastic and free from parabens and phthalates.

Why should Baby Show attendees stop by your booth at the Baby Show Series this year?

Parents should stop by to see how versatile the Nomi is, growing with your child from day one to the school child/teenager, and really way beyond, as it holds no less than 330 lbs. This is of course not what parents expect from a high chair, and thus the interest in the chair is big and older children as well as parents are amazed, when trying it out, by the ergonomics of the chair, with its solid back support and footrest.

Nomi is a Finalist in the 2019 Eco-Excellence Award by Natural Child World, awarding only the most sustainable products, decreasing the carbon footprint left to coming generations. The Nomi has already won major awards such as the ABC Show’s Product of Distinction, the JPMA Innovation Award, and a Top Choice of the Year Award as well as a Product of the Year Award.

Are you offering any special contests or discounts at your booth at the Baby Shows this year?

Yes, we are part of the exciting Everything Baby Giveaway, and actually we will give away a brand new Nomi High ChairLove To Dream swaddles and a Dekor diaper pail.

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