Classic Kids Chicago Is Your Home Away From Home For Family Photography

brittney peyton holding her daughter in the air

What is the overall mission of Classic Kids?
The overall mission of Classic Kids is to create artwork and pieces for our clients’ homes and for the family. In everything that we do we want to elevate family photography into finer pieces and they can be really treasured. Not just what you see in the imagery, but also in what you see in all of our products.

We specialize in photography products as well! A lot of times images live in your computer never to be seen or enjoyed, and we strive–that’s what I feel the difference is with Classic Kids tremendously–we strive to incorporate these memories into life in a tangible way. We want them to be something that our client can enjoy and see in their home every day.

What are the most popular products for families?
Wall art for sure! Anything from collage pieces to large canvases. People will invest in wall art, and then after that it’s our art books. It’s really lovely because you can kind of create a collection every year with a lot of color.

What should parents/expecting parents know about Classic Kids Chicago?
That we are different! In the photography industry, it can be a little bit more difficult to stand out. When I say different, we’re going to go above and beyond in every way from the minute you step foot in the door. We want to become our clients’ friend. We want to know about your family, we care about your family!

We really go above and beyond in service. From the minute that we establish a relationship on the phone to the minute a client steps into the studio, it’s like stepping into our home. That’s the most comfort you’re going to experience in any Classic Kids studio. You know, we’re really going to be your friend and hold your hand throughout the whole process. It can be a little bit overwhelming, so as a boutique we’re going to help every step of the way. 

It seems like you build strong relationships with the families you photograph, how is that? 
That is such a beautiful part of our business. It’s really beautiful, because we’ll have someone come to us that’s carrying a newborn and now they’re going off to college. It’s really amazing. The relationships we develop are incredibly special. So, I think that’s what would be the biggest message that everybody from Classic Kids wants you to know is that we are different in every way. It’s not just in our products, but it’s in the relationships, in addition to the imagery.

What makes Classic Kids Chicago different from other photography studios?
While we do go on location often, it’s lovely that we have our own studio location, because you can come into our studio that’s our own space. You can see all of our products and everything we specialize in. You can see how we display our art and what inspires us. We want to create a comfortable, relaxing environment for our parents to enjoy. Not a large percentage of photographers have places like that!

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