Founded By A Chicago Mom, Monica + Andy Offers Truly Unique Baby Gear & Gifts

Monica + Andy Offers Truly Unique Baby Gear & Gifts

A staple of the Chicago area baby gear and gifts landscape, Monica + Andy offers shoppers high-quality and totally adorable gifts, layette sets, blankets, and clothes. Founded by Chicago mom Monica Royer after the birth of her own child, the brand has grown from a popular digitally native retailer to also including brick-and-morter guideshops. To learn more about the brand, we caught up with their Director of Brand Strategy + Digital Content Jessie Mash!

For someone unfamiliar with Monica + Andy, how would you describe the company’s mission and core offerings?

Monica + Andy is a digitally native children’s brand whose mission is to be an expectant mom’s first mom friend. Through our growing national community and our local guideshops we are working to make purchasing clothing for your growing babe easier. Starting with our one-on-one layette appointments for pregnant women, we continue to grow with your child through the age of 6. As a new mom myself I felt like and outsider so building a brand around making people feel in the know and welcome has been my mission.

Tell us about the company’s background. When did it start and how has it evolved since then?

It started when my daughter was born. She was tiny and her skin was so sensitive. Nothing seemed to fit her and everything she wore seemed to give her a rash. Right from the hospital I started shopping online and was surprised at what I couldn’t find. I also wish I had been more prepared and understood what she was going to need to wear. We have evolved those early learnings I had into a brand that caters to expectant parents and their needs. Whether it is the one-on-one layette appts (which also can be done remotely) or our experiential guideshop classes we try to provide everything you will need to know. We also now offer an edited assortment of clothing for children through age 6.

What sets Monica + Andy apart from others in the baby marketplace?

We feel there are some musts in the baby space. Super soft organic fabrics and high-quality materials that wash and wear well are key. Above all, kids should be able to move and grow in their clothing.We also feel that babies shouldn’t have to dress the same and we are hyper focused on our constantly rotating limited addition prints.  But, what truly sets us apart is our customer service, one-on-one experience, and community.

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