Multiply Your Knowledge Of Multiples With TWINS Magazine

TWINS Magazine

Designed specifically for families of twins and multiples, TWINS Magazine is an indispensable publication that contains invaluable information. With helpful features such as “Ages and Stages,” TWINS Magazine, published six times annually, is a resource you will want to check out if you are the proud parents of multiples.

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To learn more about TWINS Magazine, we spoke with Laura Cunningham, the magazine’s digital magazines editor.

For someone unfamiliar with TWINS Magazine, how would you describe the magazine’s mission and core offerings?

TWINS Magazine is the premiere publication for everything relating to twins. Published digitally six times a year, the magazine provides helpful hints and tips for parents of twins, triplets and higher-order multiples.

Tell us about the magazine’s background. When did it start and how has it evolved since then?

TWINS Magazine was founded by Barbara and Bob Unell in 1984, and has been loved by parents of twins ever since. This year TWINS celebrated its 33rd birthday and is still going strong with subscribers around the globe.

What are the most popular and/or newest offerings from TWINS Magazine?

TWINS Magazine runs a photo competition known as Double Takes in every issue. Readers submit photographs of their twins, and the best pictures are published in theAges and Stages magazine. We also have a special section known as Ages and Stages, which gives advice about raising twins through the different developmental stages.

What sets TWINS Magazine apart from other parenting magazines?

TWINS Magazine is the ultimate parenting tool specifically tailored with content devoted exclusively to issues of twinship, twin bonding, twin prematurity rates, pregnancy, co-bedding, multiples in the NICU, colic or digestion problems, special needs and every subject related to coping with infant multiples. Other topics regularly covered include: physical development, language development, sleeping, twin behavior, and the importance of developing each twin’s individual identity.

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